Sefine Denizcilik Tersanecilik Turizm San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. (“Sefine”) provides a fair, equal and safe working environment for all employees and all key stakeholders based on the principles of inclusiveness, and prevention of all forms of discrimination as well as a gender-neutral perspective. It does not make any discrimination based on personal attributes such as ethnicity, including gender, color, race, nationality, economic status and religious belief while conducting business processes, primarily human resources, and communicating with all stakeholders.

Sefine has prepared the Gender Equality Policy within this scope and set its principles as follows:

  • It shall provide an egalitarian working environment respecting human rights.
  • It shall observe equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusiveness in all business processes.
  • Knowledge, skills, experience, competence, and performance shall be the determining criteria in all kinds of evaluation processes of Sefine. It shall avoid any gender-based discrimination and provide equal opportunities for all employees in terms of recruitment, career development, promotion, compensation, and access to training opportunities.
  • It shall strive to raise awareness on gender equality and inclusiveness in all business processes.
  • It shall avoid stereotypes based on gender in internal and external communication.
  • It shall contribute to the corporate culture with egalitarian and inclusive practices.
  • It shall consider gender equality issues in the activity planning, data collection, strategy development, training organization and budget preparation processes.
  • It shall develop supportive processes so that employees can find a balance between their work life and private life.
  • It shall promote equality of opportunity, diversity, and inclusiveness in collaborations as well as supplier selection and subcontractor processes.
  • It shall develop joint projects and/or establish collaborations for all stakeholders to adopt Sefine's gender equality perspective. It shall support projects focused on gender equality by establishing partnerships with national and international public/private sector institutions and organizations in its areas of activity.
  • A zero-tolerance policy shall be adopted against all kinds of discrimination, as well as physical, sexual, psychological and/or emotional abuse and harassment that may occur in the working environment within and/or between any stakeholder groups. It shall effectively establish and operate without compromise detection, evaluation, investigation, and sanction mechanisms for such cases.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically and updated as necessary. The policy entered into force on 01.12.2022 with the approval of the Board of Directors, and the Executive Board shall be responsible for updating it.