Sefine Shipyard’s success story begins with the deliveries of General Cargo Vessel series of 13.000 DWT, 16.5000 DWT and 26.000 DWT between 2010 and 2012 to its Dutch client.Meanwhile, within the same period, deliveries of four 80 cars capacity Double Ended Ferries to a Turkish ferry operator, two 22 m self-righting aluminium SAR boats to Turkish Directorate General of Coastal Safety and one 49,6m shallow water, icebreaking AHT “Arctic” to a Russian-English joint venture took place all together. In 2013 the shipyard delivered a 60 tons bollard pull ATD Tug Boat to its Turkish owner successfully.

2014 was a significant milestone for Sefine which marks the first turn-key ferry deliveries to Norway from Turkey, namely 70 cars capacity Double Ended Ferry “M/F Ibestad” and 25 cars capacity Ferry “M/F Kvernsund”. Next year, in 2015, two more turn-key ferry deliveries to Norway took place, the 38 and 40 cars capacity double-enders “M/F Ytterøy” and “M/F Utne”. Another important project completed in 2015 was the “M/V Gasø Viking”, a 3000 m3 capacity Live Fish Carrier, again for a Norwegian client. The 200 tons bollard pull Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel “M/V Nene Hatun” was the last succesful delivery in 2015, to Turkish Directorate General of Coastal Safety.

Next to Norwegian ferry market, again other first turn-key deliveries were achieved by Sefine to the Baltic region in 2016 and 2017.150 cars capacity double-enders “M/F Leiger” and “M/F Tiiu” set sail from Yalova to Tallinn, which will be operated by the Estonian Port Authority, Port of Tallinn. Meanwhile, 200 cars capacity double-enders “M/F Bastø IV” and “M/F Bastø V” reached their homeports Horten, Norway in 11 days, after departed from Sefine Shipyard, Yalova. By 2018, four 3500 m3 capacity Live Fish Carriers (Norway), one 290 cars capacity LNG/Diesel Electric Hybrid double-ender (Italy) and three 83 cars capacity Battery/Diesel-Electric plug-in Hybrid double-enders (Norway) are under construction in Sefine Shipyard.

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