The scope of our environmental management system established in our environmental manual;

SEFINE Denizcilik Tersanecilik Turizm San. ve Tic. Inc. is established at its sole address Hersek Mah. İpekyolu Cad. No: 7 Altınova- Yalova, on an area of 140,544 m2, of which 41,079 m2 is closed, in Altınova Shipyards Region.

To the east of our facility is the treatment plant belonging to the Tavşanlı-Altınova-Subaşı-Kaytazdere Sewage Treatment Establishment Management Association, and to the west is the Shipyards Region.

SEFINE Denizcilik Tersanecilik Turizm San. ve Tic. Inc., established in 2005, shows the activities of Construction of All Kinds of Steel Structures as well as Shipbuilding and Design, Ship Maintenance, Repair and Transformation.

Our unique facilities, quays and docks supported with our engineering accomplishments provide our clients with a one-stop comprehensive service for scheduled maintenance, ship repair, conversion work and new shipbuilding.

As well as the activities of Construction of All Kinds of Steel Structures, and Shipbuilding and Design, Ship Maintenance, Repair and Transformation; Our Environmental Management System regulates its current relations with its geographical location, internal and external issues and concerning parties. While carrying out all these activities, it prioritizes the protection of the environment with its administrative policies. In order to perpetuate human and nature life, it acknowledges its environmental responsibilities and aims to manage with a systematic approach. It determines the environmental effects with a life cycle approach, analyzes and continues its activities aiming to protect the natural environment. It follows and fulfills its compliance obligations.

All departments and processes in our organization, the suppliers and subcontractors operating within the boundaries of our facility, and our neighbors, and the effects that may arise by them, and all our employees from the top management to the operator, and our interns and the visitors while they are within the territory of our facility are within the scope of our environmental management system.

In terms of the reliability of our Environmental Management System, all of our physical and administrative boundaries are within the scope of the environmental management system.

We hereby undertake the following;

• Ensure full compliance with all local, national and international laws and regulations that we are obliged to abide by with respect to the environment,

• Increase the environmental awareness of the people, institutions and organizations with which we interact directly and indirectly in the lines of business that we are active within the scope of Ship Design, Shipbuilding, Ship Maintenance and Repair activities, fulfill our environmental responsibilities to our local and regional neighbors and create systems based on the effective use of the environment and natural resources and ensure their continuity,

• Prevent the negative effects on the environment that may be caused by our activities, reduce air, water, soil pollution, noise with effective solutions based on the best available technologies, and be a pioneer in the environment in our industry,

• Ensure that waste is minimized at the source when creating all processes from the design stage and recycle our generated waste and reduce environmental impacts,

• Provide human, technology, infrastructure, finance, etc. resources necessary for Environmental Protection, Energy Efficiency and reduction of Natural Resource use, take measures and ensure sustainable development by setting goals every year,

• Plan and implement measures to minimize environmental damage in case of any accidents and emergencies that may happen during our activities, provide support to minimize the damage in environmental accidents that may happen in our region and neighbors,

• Carry out activities to support the principle of sustainable development, pay attention to risks and opportunities in matters that will affect future generations, such as reducing the effects of climate change, biodiversity, protecting the ecosystem,

• Provide trainings to employees, subcontractors and ensure their awareness about our policy in order to increase environmental awareness and gain individual responsibility,

• Work on raising our environmental standards together by providing cooperation with national and local official organizations, other industrial organizations and suppliers,

• Continuously improve and develop our Environmental Management System, which provides access to all kinds of environmental information and data.

On behalf of all Sefine Shipyard Staff

General Manager

On behalf of all Sefine Shipyard Staff

General Manager

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