Sefine Shipyard, Turkey’s premier shipyard, continues to develop and strengthen the yard’s capacity and capabilities in ship repair services in response to client needs.Sefine Shipyard purchased an aframax capacity floating dock which is 282 meters in length and 47 meters wide and boasted a lifting capacity of 40.000 tonnes, making it one of the largest dock in Turkey. This new floating dock will increase Sefine Shipyard’s capacity and capabilities to accommodate up to aframax size Tankers; mini cape size bulker; 10.000 TEU Container; aframax size Gas Carrier; aframax size Ro-Ro, Cruisers, Passanger carriers etc. for repair and maintenance.

The dock can accommodate up to 120.000 DWT vessels. Together with the existing 90.000 DWT capacity of Graving Dock, Sefine Shipyard is able to undertake the entire range of ship repair services up to 210.000 DWT. Sefine Shipyard is strongly committed to serving the clients better while guaranteeing the highest quality, maximum safety and on-time delivery at competitive costs.


Blue Ocean
  • First BWT Retrofit System Installation in Turkey
  • Capacity: 500 cbm/hr
Scrubber Installation
  • Blue Sky
  • We are ready to become a trusted partner for scrubber solutions with excellent facilities, high quality and fast workmanship.

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