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Established in 2007, Sefine Shipyard swiftly rose to prominence, becoming a leading force in the maritime sector in a remarkably short time. Recognized as one of the distinguished shipyards in Turkiye, Sefine Shipyard specializes in a comprehensive range of services, including new shipbuilding, ship maintenance/repair/conversion services, and the construction of large steel structures.

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  • Slipway Crane
  • 2x200 tons Gantry Crane, h:64 m
  • Dry Dock Jib Crane
  • 40 tons at 35 meters
  • Block Transporter
  • 1x320 tons
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With a total production area of 140,000 m2 Sefine is one of the BIGGEST yard located in Altinova. Our unique facilities, extensive docks and gravy dock supported by our engineering capabilities offer our clients "one-stop" Comprehensive Service, whether it concerns normal dry dockings for scheduled maintenance, damage repair or extensive refit and conversion jobs.

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Sefine Shipyard's success story begins with the deliveries of General Cargo Vessel series of 13.000 DWT, 16.5000 DWT and 26.000 DWT between 2010 and 2012 to its Dutch client. Meanwhile, within the same period, deliveries of four 80 cars capacity Double Ended Ferries to a Turkish ferry operator.

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Sefine Shipyard, Turkey's premier shipyard, continues to develop and strengthen the yard's capacity and capabilities in ship repair services in response to client needs. Sefine and boasted a lifting capacity of 40.000 tonnes, making it one of the largest dock in Turkey.

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SEFINE is well-equipped with the high-quality facilities and dry dock to serve our clients full range of service in Ship Repair and Conversion Business. We can offer competitive price, in-house design engineering and high quality workmanship for our clients to all kinds of conversion projects with our experienced project leaders and highly skilled design engineers.

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Structural steel works amount of 15.000 tons were carried out by Sefine Shipyard. Steel construction works of Istanbul-Izmir Motorway South Approach Viaduct were carried out by Sefine Shipyard. Project started in 2013 and 17.000 tons of steel processed in 16 months.

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Recent deliveries

Cement carrier
Converted from Bulk Carrier to Cement Carrier. The vessel was shortened 10 meter from parallel body.
Ship repair
Ship repair project
Ship repair project
New building
New building
NB40 | 3900 CBM Live fish carrier
Steel construction
Osmangazi bridge
Steel construction works of Istanbul – Izmir Motorway South Approach Viaduct were carried out by Sefine Shipyard.





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