SEFİNE Shipyard manufactures commercial and military sea vehicles at high quality standards for the world maritime transport sector, and provides ship repair and ship conversion services around the world, with the mission of "Setting the highest standard of the Ship Industry in our country".

In light of this mission, in order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and to ensure continuous improvement of our processes, our policy is as follows;

● Designing, producing, exporting ships that will fully meet customer expectations,

● Providing high quality, timely, trouble-free, and complete repair and conversion services,

● Determining and meeting the needs and expectations and changing demands of the relevant parties in a timely and complete manner based on customer satisfaction,

● Determining and fulfilling other applicable requirements together with legal responsibilities and standards that we are subject to,

● Providing a common point of view at all levels of the organization in accordance with our quality requirements and constantly improving the effectiveness of the management system,

● Identifying our Risks and Opportunities, taking the necessary actions, constantly monitoring our process performances, and working to produce better results every year than the previous one,

● Supporting the development of suppliers and subcontractors in order to achieve common goals together, maintaining trust-based cooperation in mutual benefit relations,

● Supporting continuous learning, individual development, and creativity,

● Developing effective communication and paying attention to participatory behavior, constructive criticism and teamwork.

General Manager