The wellboat is the third live fish carrier which is contracted between our trusted Norwegian companion Frøy Rederi. The wellboat is going to be designed and equipped for efficient and careful transport/handling of live fish from offshore fish farm plants to onshore fish processing plants with its 4500 CBM cargo hold capacity. Møre Maritime AS is the master player behind the design.

The vessel is also equipped and arranged for FW lice treatment of the fish by carrying FW. In addition to FW lice treatment the vessel is also arranged for a second delicing system which is expected to be announced as the hydrolicer. The vessel is equipped with a diesel electric machinery system for propulsion and electrical power distribution for the vessels consumers in addition DP1 system will enable her to work on dynamic environmental conditions without any concerns which means that the vessel has the ability to lay at a certain point at sea without being tied up or anchored while performing a task. Thus, the wellboat will be well equipped to perform different tasks at open sea. The vessel has the batteries for the purpose of providing the power for load-balancing to allow the diesel generators to operate at a relatively consistent base load.

  • Lenght Overall:85,4 meters
  • Beam Moulded:20,00 meters
  • Design Draught:7,57 meters
  • Capacity:4500 m3 Live Fish Holds
  • Class:Det Norske Veritas
  • Flag:Norwegian
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