NB71 | Construction Support Vessel

NB71, our second contract with the Norwegian Offshore company Agalas, is a construction support vessel used for construction and maintenance support purposes in ocean and wind power plants. This ship, which uses methanol as fuel in the main propulsion system, is the second vessel of our shipyard with a methanol fuel concept. This design, which aims to minimize carbon emissions, also has a diesel-electric propulsion system, supported by an electric generator and energy storage batteries. It has a cabin capacity of 100 people including the operation crew. This innovative, green and effective design was prepared by Norwegian ship design company NSK.

In order to be able to work with minimum error in harsh sea conditions, the vessel; It is equipped with two WROV - LARS systems. Equipped with an Active Heave Compensation (AHC) crane, this vessel can operate with 0 degrees of instability, with the support of the dynamic positioning system (DP-2 with HiPAP), in harsh sea conditions, for the necessary cargo pickup and delivery to the offshore platform it docks with, or for other construction work.

  • Lenght Overall:99,99 meters
  • Beam Moulded:21,00 meters
  • Design Draught:7,50 meters
  • DWT:5000 Tones
  • Battery Capacity:1491 kWh
  • Propulsion:2 x 2500 kW (Kongsberg - AZP100-L FP) 1 x 2000 kW(Kongsberg - TCNS100 - FP)
  • Crane:Knuckle Jib Type AHC Crane with 150 Tonnes at 10 meters
  • Fuel Type:Methanol/Diesel
  • Class:Det Norske Veritas
  • Flag:Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA)
  • Status:Under Construction
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