We hereby comply with all local, national and international laws and regulations that we are environmentally obliged,

Accepting the task of fulfilling its environmental responsibilities towards local and regional neighbors and increasing the environmental awareness of the individuals, institutions and organizations that are directly and indirectly interacting in the business lines in which we are active as well as creating systems that are based on the efficient use of natural resources and to ensure their continuity, within the scope of Ship Design, Newbuilding, Ship Maintenance and Repair activities;

Trying to prevent pollution at the source by taking into account the environmental effects while preparing projects related to the products and processes,

Taking measures to reduce/towards reducing the consumption of resources such as electricity, fuel and water consumption and achieving sustainable development by setting annual targets,

Taking measures to reduce the solid, liquid and gaseous wastes generated during our activities to protect the biodiversity, ecosystem, and atmosphere. Promoting or encouraging recycling or recovery opportunities,

Planning and implementing measures to reduce any environmental accidents and damages that may occur during our activities. Providing support to minimize damage in environmental accidents that may occur in our region and for our neighbors,

Educating all shipyard and sub-contractor employees in order to raise awareness and individual responsibility on the subject,

Cooperating with national and local governmental organizations, other industrial organizations and suppliers, and thus raising our environmental standards/ continually improving our environmental management system,

Complying with all the rules mentioned below in order to “continuously improve our environmental performance” with our employees;

On Behalf of Staff of Sefine Shipyard

General Manager