NB 23
3000 CBMLive Fish Carrier

GASØ VIKING is the first live fish carrier built by Sefine Shipyard. Norwegian company
Froy Rederi took delivery of GASØ VIKING in 2015. Diesel electric propulsion system
with low fuel consumption made GASØ VIKING one of the most efficient in her class.

Length Overall: 78,0 meters
Beam Moulded:16,0 meters
Capacity: 3000 m3 Live Fish Holds 
Class: Det Norske Veritas
Flag: Norway
Main Propulsion Gensets: 4 x MTU 12V4000P83 1455 kW @1800 rpm
Main Propulsion: 2 x HELSETH 4TX850/300-3500 VSD Controllable Pitch Propeller