NB28 - NB29 | 200 PCU Car & Passenger Ferry

BASTØ IV & BASTØ V BASTØ IV and BASTØ V were the first direct Tier III engine installed ferries in the world. These two vessels were built for Norwegian ferry operator Bastø Fosen during 2016 and 2017.

With 2 GE 8L250MDC engines each vessel has 2250 kW power and tailor made propulsion thrusters Rolls Royce AZIPULL100 CP made BASTØ IV and BASTØ V the fastest vessels in their class. BASTØ IV and BASTØ V were furnished for 600 passenger according to Scandinavian Standards likewise all ferries built for Scandinavian ferry operators by Sefine Shipyard.

Lenght Overall: 142,9 meters

Beam Moulded: 20,7 meters

Draught Scantling: 5 meters

Capacity: 200 PCU / 600 PAX

Class: Det Norske Veritas

Flag: Norway

Main Propulsion Engines: 4 x General Electric 8L250MDC 2250 kW @900 rpm

Main Thrusters: 2 x Rolls Royce AZIPULL100 CP ORT

Project Images