Sefine Shipyard who proceeds to be a trademark in the ship at the maintenance and repair area, hosted his first ship at his new floating pool which is repaired and maintained. UN Ro-Ro işletmeleri A.Ş. counted on Sefine Shipyard for the maintenance and repair of the 193 meters long ship named “UN MARMARA”.

Sefine Shipyard is conducting to invest on the maintenance-repair area to become the leading shipyard of the region, who owns a place within the most active shipyards of Turkey particularly with its successful new constructions in the last years.

‘’UN MARMARA’’ became the first ship which was repaired in the floating pool of Sefine Shipyard. ‘’UN MARMARA’’ became the ornament of Sefine Shipyard who delivered the high qualified and worldwide competing ships on time and with success.

The managers of Sefine Shipyard mentioned that they will continue for their activities to become the leading shipyard of the region with the new ship repair-maintenance floating pool by expressing their principles meeting their customers’ expectations with high quality, perfectness, cooperation and on time turnkey deliveries.

At the ceremony held during delivery, the Sefine Shipyard executives presented a plaque of appreciation to UN Ro-Ro İşletmeleri A.Ş. for preferring their shipyards. After the delivery ceremony, the team spirit between the barbecue party and the employees increased, while the atmosphere of trust and warmth between the two companies also got strengthened.

The New Ornament Of Sefine Shipyard ‘’The Un Marmara’’