Sefine Shipyard, which was established in 2005 in Yalova's shipbuilding area and has the largest pool volume of the region, continues to receive the fruit of successful works carried out in the sector.


At the night organization of Yalova Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YTSO) organized by "Business Leaders in the World" award ceremony; corporations tax, revenue tax and the most exporting companies categories, the Sefine Shipyard marked fairly by taking two awards at once.

Business Development Manager Selçuk Bakanoğlu participated in the ceremony held on January 26, on behalf of Sefine Shipyard at the hospitality of Elegance Resort Hotel.

Sefine shipyard took the award for the second place in “corporate tax payer” and the third place in “Exporters.”

We are proud to be able to contribute our country.


Being awarded with 2 prizes by YTSO, they have great happiness in mind. Chairman Demir Koloğlu of Sefine Shipyard; stated that they are proud of contributing to both Yalova and my country with their high added value.


It will continue to lead for the development of the sector


As Sefine shipyard Koloğlu reminded that they took the 335th place at the Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) in 2016, "Turkey's Top 500 Services Exporters" list before and that they give great importance to R & D work and added that they will continue to lead for the development of the sector.

Double Award for Sefine Shipyard